石油王の芸術が眠る、ゲティ美術館 The Getty Museum

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Happy New Year!

May the new year be filled with happiness to you all.

My name is Ryoko from an interior design firm in Hawaii and California. Thank you for checking our blog today.

Hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season.


I drove up to LA to meet up with my friend visiting there from Japan.

Strolled around the Santa Monica pier to see the beautiful sunset and enjoyed shopping...It was such a great night.








One of the highlights of the trip was to visit the Getty Center standing up on the hill that has a commanding view.

This museum is founded to publicly show the enormous amount of excellent artworks collected by Jean Paul Getty, who is an American entrepreneur and one of the richest people of the history making money off oil business that he and his father began. 

We can appreciate all sort of great art pieces ranging from the ancient Greece sculptures to the 20th century modern art at this Getty center and its annex called Getty Villa near by. Admissions for both sites are surprisingly all free!


getty museum getty center muro designs ゲティ・センター ゲティ美術館 ムロデザインズ
getty museum getty center muro designs ゲティ・センター ゲティ美術館 ムロデザインズ
Raphael's drawing
getty museum getty center muro designs ゲティ・センター ゲティ美術館 ムロデザインズ
Illuminated manuscripts
getty museum getty center muro designs ゲティ・センター ゲティ美術館 ムロデザインズ







The Getty Center is composed of 5 main buildings where the art pieces are displayed along its theme and period, and it is even impossible to appreciate every art here just for a couple of hours of staying.

There are must-see exhibitions to store the objects such as the Medieval illuminated manuscripts, figurative drawings from the Italian Renaissance, famous paintings drawn by Monet, Van Gogh, Gauguin, etc!

In addition to those, they have seasonal exhibitions throughout the year which inspire you whenever you visit the Getty.







Lastly, I introduce you one of their collections that is related to us!

This sumptuous canopy bed was created in France around 1775-1780 under the reign of Louis XIV. The beautiful blue silk upholstery covers the entire bed, and you see the ostrich feather decoration that makes it looking more grandiose. Also, it is quite interesting to see how simple the pillow arrangement was back then. Who was resting here and how did it look like? It was definitely one of the items at the Getty who made me filled with imagination. 

getty museum getty center muro designs ゲティ・センター ゲティ美術館 ムロデザインズ

written by Ryoko